The CPU sends user information to the Neuro20 software via Bluetooth. Based on software analysis, the CPU processes the information to deliver the optimal wave forms, frequency ranges, timing patterns and stimulation intensities to the Smart Suit. This communication cycle is ongoing throughout the training and recovery session. The CPU is constructed with high quality PCP boards and materials and is a low profile, lightweight quick-connect reinforced attachment to the suit.

The CPU generates electrical stimulation to the muscles. It applies low and mid-range frequency to activate motor nerves. The process bypasses the voluntary muscle circuit and produces computer-controlled muscle activity. Stimulation can produce a spectrum from a gentle, minimal twitch to a powerful sustained contraction. When combined with an overriding voluntary movement, the induced contractions create an enhanced outcome.

Key Features

100m Range BT 5.0
Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery
Lightweight & Durable
Ergonomic & Water-resistant

Quick release button/ safety latch

Session Indicator Lights

Safety quick stop button

Safety battery compartment lock-water resistance

Ergonomic Design for suits velcro strap to secure in place

Slide Guides preventing misalignment

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