About Neuro20

Neuro20 Technologies is a Delaware C Corp., with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, that manufactures Whole-Body Electro Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) wearable systems. Our mission is to be the leading provider of advanced wearable technology specializing in the use of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training & rehabilitation.

Meet The Team

Dennis “Dj” Schmitt


DJ is a former 2nd Force Recon Marine with a 50% disability from his service. He served as a High Threat/Low Profile personal protection

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Michael Finkelstein

M.A. Ed, M.S. Ed - Co-founder/Pres. R&D

Michael worked with medical providers and universities for the past five years to develop electro-muscle stimulation applications ...

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Jana Schmitt

Co-founder/Pres. Marketing

Jana is an entrepreneur with experience as a self-employed businesswoman, with a BA degree in Management & Marketing. She..

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Francis X. Palermo

MD MPH MBA - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Palermo is a highly respected businessman, physiatrist and inventor. He founded the neuro-rehabilitation program.

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Frank Grippe

CSM (R) US ARMY – EVP of Government Affairs

Frank is a Retired Army Command Sergeant Major with a distinguished 34-year military career. Since January of 2015, Frank has.

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George Maltezos

PhD - Director of Science

George is an Electrical Engineer currently acting as the Executive Director of the WALK foundation, a non-profit devoted to.

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Pat Karns

MA LAT ATC CCISM - EVP of Human Performance

Pat is a Certified Athletic Trainer. He has worked extensively with Olympic and Professional athletes for over 35 years

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Monica Joshi

PT CMDT CSPT – Director of Physical Rehabilitation

Monica brings to the Neuro20 team 34 years of physical therapy experience. She is the President of Back in the Game Therapy, PC in.

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Alex Goldstein

Alex has organized multiple successful start-ups. He retired as CEO of Configuresoft, a systems management software company

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Christian Schweizer

Mr. Schweizer is the Head of Marketing Intelligence for Kaufman Rossin, one of the top CPA and advisory firms in the U.S..

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Luisa Ingargiola

Financial Advisor/Board Observer

Luisa Ingargiola has almost 20 years of experience in public company finance, compliance and capital markets oversight

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Lisa Hawkins

FDA Consultant CAI, RAPS, Certified Quality Auditor

Lisa has more than 34 years of industry and consulting experience in GMP pharmaceutical, medical device, and ...

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Larry Noble MBA

Government Contracting Officer

Mr. Noble is a retired officer with the US Air Force and graduate of the prestigious military academy

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University of South Florida

TBTI (Tampa Bay Technology Incubator Program)

The Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) is one vehicle through which USF CONNECT grows successful companies. TBTI supports..

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Founder's Story

Dennis “DJ” Schmitt


As a disabled veteran I went on a journey to discover a way to recover from multiple injuries I received serving my country. After years of travel and research I discovered electro muscle stimulation. I was surprised by the amount of research on EMS that already existed and could not understand why it was not being utilized for a wider variety of applications.

After a deep dive into the industry and working with multiple EMS companies as a Distributor, Board of Advisor, and Director for these companies it became clear to me, that research-based science, customer and technical support, improved business model, and expanded applications and indications for use were not sufficient in capturing what this technology could offer. The gaps left the market to be primed for consolidation.

Due to my entrepreneurial background and years of industry experience, I knew that so much more could be accomplished by developing the most advanced system on the market. Building a team of the best doctors, engineers, and human athletic trainers we developed a product poised to disrupt the industry. The Neuro20 Pro System was built from the feedback of the client, and our corporate practices provide a model that “efficiently” works for the distributor, the clinician, and the end user.