Improving Patient Outcomes with the Neuro20 PRO System

Medical Specialties

The Neuro20 PRO System will improve patient outcomes and shorten recovery times, particularly if utilized during both the Prehab and Rehabilitation phases. Treatment will increase blood flow, muscle strength, range of motion, and reduce muscle spasms and guarding while reducing/preventing muscle disuse atrophy for both the primary injured area and compensatory muscles. Use the Neuro20 PRO ‘Patterned Electrical Muscle Stimulation (PEMS) programs for muscle education thereby promoting neural plasticity.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Utilize during treatment for post-fractures, dislocations, muscle, tendon, or ligament tears, sprains, spinal surgeries, and pre/post joint replacement surgery.


Utilize during the Prehab and Rehabilitation phases for spinal injuries, and TBI recovery. EMS is proven to increase BDNF production at a greater rate than exercise alone (Kimura, 2019). The system will help with proprioception. Also, electrical stimulation will help with post-amputation and limb replacement surgeries, increasing blood flow, facilitating muscle performance and nerve/muscle reeducation.

Vascular Surgeons

Used to improve regional blood flow with dilation to the microcapillary level, increase muscle activity, and reduce limb disuse. The system will increase motor performance and reduce residual limb issues post-amputation.

General Surgeons

The Neuro20 PRO System can improve overall patient comfort and speed up recovery time through promoting muscle strength and endurance, decreasing swelling, reducing inflammation, and decreasing scar tissue formation in both a preoperative and postoperative setting.

Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery

Reduce swelling and inflammation while preventing the formation of scar tissue. Use the Neuro20 PRO System to improve patient comfort and promote healing through improving muscle strength and tone, decreasing swelling, and increasing circulation.


Utilize as part of a treatment regimen for TBI and treatment of Neuromuscular disease and disorders such as Parkinsonism, ALS (peripheral nervous system benefits along with CNS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke Rehabilitation, and Cerebral Palsy. Patterned Electrical Muscle Stimulation (PEMS) will assist with gait reeducation.

Sports Medicine

Reduce recovery time while improving range of motion, muscle education, and motor patterning. With the Neuro20 PRO System, athletic trainers and the team medical staff can create high levels of muscle recruitment, up to 20% above the Maximum Voluntary Contraction for the athlete. This increases blood flow, strength, and range of motion while limiting the stress on ligaments, tendons, and joints, decreasing training room injuries. The Neuro20 PRO provides a modality that can be merged into any existing training program. The system can be used for assistive or resistive training with real-time mobility drills, optimizing an athlete’s performance levels. The system’s ‘Massage’ mode will improve post-workout and post-game recovery and lessen DOMS.

Athletic Trainers

Deliver electrical impulses to targeted muscle groups to increase muscle activation, promote faster recovery, and improve overall strength and endurance. The Neuro20 PRO System can supplement traditional strength training, allowing athletes to target specific muscle fibers that may not be effectively stimulated through regular exercise. It can also be a valuable tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation by helping strengthen weak or damaged muscles. Use as part of a treatment plan for sports medicine conditions, improve human performance, and muscle memory/motor education.

Internal Medicine

EMS assists with glycogen production and muscle activation for patients with Type II Diabetes, and assists patients with exercise who are at risk for Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Obesity. Improve outcomes for patients who have osteo-arthritis and who are pre-osteoporotic.

Lifestyle Medicine

Make the Neuro20 PRO System a part of your patient’s healthy living program. Wearing the suit during most athletic activities, including walking, or cycling, will promote general wellness and health.


Short-term electrical stimulation of specific lower limb muscles can enhance muscle strength and endurance, boost overall exercise tolerance, and reduce breathlessness during daily activities for COPD patients who are disabled and have incapacitating dyspnea. The Neuro20 PRO System will strengthen core muscles, increase lactate, and VO2 Consumption to assist patients with COPD.


The Neuro20 PRO System is a powerful tool that can aid in chiropractic treatment by enhancing patient outcomes and improving the overall quality of care. It can reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and increase range of motion in patients with limited mobility. It can also help prevent muscle atrophy and help relax muscles and reduce muscle tension, making chiropractic adjustments easier and more effective. Use it to help treat spinal disease and disorders, muscle guarding, and prevent spasms.

Physical Therapists

Incorporate the Neuro20 PRO system into most physical therapy practices and offer patients a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan. Whole-body electrical muscle stimulation (WB-EMS) can benefit patients experiencing muscle weakness or atrophy due to injury or a medical condition. Additionally, WB-EMS can help to speed up the healing process and improve overall range of motion, making it a positive addition to any physical therapy treatment regimen. Effectively treat patients with MSK disease and injury.

Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists

Use the patterned electrical muscle stimulation programs of the Neuro20 PRO system to reeducate specific muscle movements and help patients regain their ability to perform everyday activities and improve their overall quality of life. The system is particularly useful for patients who have suffered from a neurological injury or condition, such as stroke or spinal cord injury, where their muscle control and coordination may have been impacted.

Neuro20 Technologies announces the FDA-clearance of the Neuro20 PRO System for treatment of neuromuscular injury and disease, becoming the first US-based company to produce an FDA-cleared medical electrical muscle stimulation textile that closes the loop between diagnostics and interventions in a wireless operating system.