Neuro20 Pro System

Neuro20 PRO System is the first Whole-Body Electro Muscle Stimulator (WB-EMS) wearable system designed for individual or group rehabilitation and human performance training, bridging the gap between diagnostics and interventions.

Neuro20 Pro System Components

Smart Suit

The Neuro20 Smart Suit is a flexible, form-fitting Lycra suit providing electrical muscle stimulation and biosensor information through an IoT remote platform. Twenty…

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The CPU sends user information to the Neuro20 software via Bluetooth. Based on software analysis, the CPU processes the information to deliver the optimal wave forms, frequency ranges, …

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The Software controls the pre-programmed underlying stimulation output parameters. The intensity and duration of the contraction, and the rest periods between contractions are …

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Training Programs

The Neuro20 Pro System offers varoius different program modes to accommodate each individual goals and needs. Each program is designed to apply specific wave forms penetrating large and small muscles throughout the full range of motion during exercise. The programs engage more muscle fiber, both Type 1 and Type 2, thereby maximizing muscle “effort”.

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