The Software controls the pre-programmed underlying stimulation output parameters. The intensity and duration of the contraction, and the rest periods between contractions are controlled by either a clinician or the individual user through an easily operated software installed on a tablet or phone. Presently, the operating system controls the suit remotely via Bluetooth over a 100-meter range.

Real time sensory input includes continuous heart rate (HR) monitoring and HR variability (HRV) which can be displayed and quickly analyzed. The controlling software can isolate individual muscles, muscle groups, or recruit all muscle groups simultaneously, either for a single user, or up to ten users at a time, with specific output parameters adjusted for each.

The clinician sets each patient’s specific program and can customize the programs as desired given their abilities and goals. The clinician may adjust power (intensity) levels for each muscle group and can set the ramp up to “Slow”, “Medium”, “Fast” or “None” to regulate the speed at which the wave form reaches peak amplitude, thereby modulating the muscle contraction sensation by the patient. The clinician also sets the controls for the duration of the contractions and rest between contractions (fatigue resistance), thereby controlling the effort and workload of each patient.

Each program is designed to apply specific wave forms penetrating large and small muscles throughout the full range of motion during exercise. The programs engage more muscle fiber, both Type 1 and Type 2, thereby maximizing muscle “effort”.

The software captures pertinent data for both live interactive response and is stored securely for review (HIPAA/GDPR) and can be utilized for patient monitoring (insurance compliance).

Key Features

Multiple Customizable Programs
1 to 10 End-users per session
Whole Body or Individual Muscle Intervention
Training Summary Reports
Easy to Operate Interface
Technical & Customer Service Support
Data Capturing
HIPPA/GDPR Compliant

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