Training Programs

Catered to your goals

Each program is designed to apply specific wave forms penetrating large and small muscles throughout the full range of motion during exercise. The programs engage more muscle fiber, both Type 1 and Type 2, thereby maximizing muscle “effort”.

Strength (NMES/FES)

Applies biphasic stimulation to muscles with brief repetitive bursts simulating idealized movement. This offers options for sustained and progressively powerful stimulation producing muscle contractions that supplement intense voluntary exercise. By activating the anaerobic metabolism of each muscle, the program is designed to increase the time that the patient can maintain peak performance for athletic specific movements or rehabilitation of functional movement.

Body Toning (NMES/FES)

This program increases metabolic rate, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. The program actively contracts tissue through a long squeeze followed by a pulsed kneading contraction.

Massage (NMES)

Utilized for muscle recovery, fatigue, and the relief of spasms this program passively stimulates the muscles in a slower pattern and with a low frequency which relaxes and assists removing metabolic waste, significantly decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Utilized for pain management, the program is a low voltage current that is placed either near the nerve or trigger point of where pain occurs, blocking the transmission of pain signals and raising the level of endorphins.

Sports Mode (FES)

These programs are movement specific consisting of timing patterns stimulating associated muscles sequentially to match the voluntary specific types of athletic movement. This program enhances muscle education, strength, increases local blood flow, and hastens recovery from impaired muscle function. Patterns are for Cycling, Walking, Running (Jogging, Running, Sprinting), Throwing, Swinging.

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