Electrophysiologic Neuromodulation Education

Dr. Keith J. Cronin, DPT

Hosted by Southeast Sports Seminars

July 31st, 2024 1pm EST

About the Presenter

Dr. Keith J. Cronin is a physical therapist with a background in sales, marketing, lead generation, capital raising, and distribution through many sectors of healthcare. Keith previously ran Dynamic Tape in the US and has done consulting with over a dozen medical and rehab product companies over the past decade. In 2020, Keith helped co-found Syntacz, an organic marketing and lead generation company that accelerated from $10K a month in August 2020 to almost $2M in sales the next year. Keith is also FIRNA broker with Umergence and reviewer for the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Keith previously wrote 8 CEU courses in the physical therapy space and while in practice, appeared in concucssion documentary “The Smartest Team” on PBS and did local Fox News segments in St. Louis. Keith also is a miniority owner in medical marketing companies and EHR technologies, that he helped grow from $500K a year in 2022 to almost $3M per year as of 2024

Most recently, Keith published a white paper on the use of Neuro20 to help patients with Long COVID. Link to the press release is HERE.

Keith lives in Western Colorado with his wife and two daughters and enjoys spending time skiing, hiking, biking, and anything that can be done on a mountain.