Neuro20 PRO

Neuro20 PRO


The Neuro20 PRO Smart Suit is a Whole Body wearable that uses low and middle range frequency to recruit Type I and II muscle fibers utilizing NMES/ FES/PEMS. It includes 20 large contoured electrodes to engage the maximum amount of motor neurons, stimulating over 42 muscles to enhance performance and promote recovery.

Electrical Stimulation

The combination of electrical stimulation applied to the upper and lower extremities plus core muscles creates a synergy that improves coordination through sensory feedback, as well as position awareness and increased muscle firing timing. Electrical currents delivered in a biphasic pattern closely replicating the voluntary firing pattern of a specific motion establish muscle patterns and memory.
Electrical Stimulation
Neuro20 PRO


The Neuro20 PRO software contains various programs for NMES/ FES/PEMS (patterned electrical stimulation) that replicates movements in sequenced timing patterns. It’s capable of isolating individual muscles or recruiting full body motor chains. The software includes 4 main programs with 9 additional modes, each designed for specific patient outcomes.

Neuro20 PRO


The Neuro20 PRO Control Box is a powered muscle stimulator that attaches to the Smart Suit. The Control Box generates electrical impulses and is controlled wirelessly by the operator through the Neuro20 PRO Software installed on the Operating Tablet. It’s powered by rechargeable, replaceable battery.


Neuro20 Whole Body wearables pair science and technology to create an advanced medical-grade recovery and performance system that FDA-cleared and breaking the boundaries of our knowledge and application of EMS. The benefits will continue to increase as we dive more into clinical studies but to date, here is a quick rundown of what Neuro20PRO can do:


Muscle Strength
Flexibility / Range of Motion
Blood flow & Synovial fluid
Tissue Temperature
Lymphatic Drainage


Injury Rate
Pain & Swelling
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Atrophy
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


Reaction Times
Activates Dormant Fibers
Muscle Adhesion Recovery
Sequential Muscle Firing Patterns

Neuro20 PRO System
Operating Manual

Learn more about the use and application of the Neuro20 PRO System by downloading the operating manual.


All operators of Neuro20 PRO System, must complete online training program and get access to information specifically designed by our team of experts to educate you on the physiological effects, benefits and use of the Neuro20 PRO System.

Neuro20 Technologies announces the FDA-clearance of the Neuro20 PRO System for treatment of neuromuscular injury and disease, becoming the first US-based company to produce an FDA-cleared medical electrical muscle stimulation textile that closes the loop between diagnostics and interventions in a wireless operating system.