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The Neuro20 PRO System represents a groundbreaking leap in using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for patient recovery and human performance. Whether you’re a patient on the path to recovery or a practitioner wanting to deliver the best care for your patients, the Neuro20 PRO System promises to deliver results. Explore the reviews and experiences shared here to gain valuable insights into how our technology significantly impacts individuals’ lives, offering new hope and opportunities for improved well-being and performance.

When Every Test Was Negative... Neuro20 Created Positive

After 15 years...New Potential Has Begun to Take Shape

Chris Wolff and Team

From Struggle to Triumph: Defying the Impossible.

On June 08. 2024, after only 4 months using Neuro20 Suit,
Tony had successfully completed 5K walk at Empower Fest. →

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Defining a Better Way to Move for Myself One Day at a Time

Pushing Myself Back to Where I Can Take the First Step Forward

Changing the Approach to Rehabilitation with Neuro20

Stroke Patient Rehabilitation Process

Elevating Athletic Performance: A Strength and Conditioning Coach's Perspective