Transforming MS Care: Improving Patient Outcomes with the Neuro20 PRO System

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) presents a daily struggle as the condition disrupts nerve function and impairs muscle control, leading to a range of debilitating symptoms such as vision loss, pain, fatigue, and coordination difficulties. The severity and duration of these symptoms can vary greatly among individuals, with some fortunate enough to experience minimal or no symptoms, while others endure chronic and severe symptoms that last indefinitely. Amidst the challenges faced by MS patients, physical therapy has emerged as a valuable tool in managing the condition. In recent years, a new approach has been gaining recognition among physical therapists, clinicians, and practitioners: whole body electrical muscle stimulation (WB-EMS). By leveraging electrical impulses to generate targeted muscle contractions, WB-EMS helps strengthen muscles, enhance balance, and improve coordination—a powerful combination that contributes to improved quality of life for individuals with MS.
Dr. George Maltezos, M.A. ED, M.S. ED, PHD

At the forefront of advancing MS rehabilitation and treatment through WB-EMS is the Neuro20 PRO System. The Neuro20 PRO system offers a comprehensive WB-EMS platform for clinicians and practitioners seeking to empower their MS patients with a technology-focused, whole-body treatment approach. To explore the transformative possibilities provided by the Neuro20 PRO System, we turn to the expertise and personal experience of Dr. George Maltezos—an expert in medical device production and current Executive Director of the WALK foundation, a non-profit devoted to sharing the health benefits of electro-stimulation.

How Electrical Muscle Stimulation Helps Patients with MS

Having spent over 15 years living with MS and exploring various treatment options, Dr. Maltezos has become a seasoned expert in managing the condition. As someone who understands the challenges all too well, he explains, “I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), meaning my muscles work but my nerves don’t. For years I have relied on NMES to keep my body fit. I have used everything including Russian Stim, specialized research devices, and even a robotic exoskeleton.” After a long journey of seeking effective solutions, Dr. Maltezos discovered the power of Neuro20, stating, “I am happy to say that the better way is finally here, in the form of the Neuro20 PRO System.”

Electrical muscle stimulation, as utilized by the Neuro20 PRO System, has shown immense potential in helping MS patients regain and maintain muscle strength, flexibility, and overall physical well-being. By delivering electrical impulses to targeted muscles, the Neuro20 PRO System bypasses the damaged nerve pathways characteristic of MS, directly stimulating muscle contractions.

This approach offers several key benefits for individuals with MS, including:

Enhancing Muscle Function & Preventing Atrophy

Dr. Maltezos highlights one of the primary functions of the Neuro20 PRO System, emphasizing its ability to enhance muscle function and prevent muscle atrophy. He explains, "Through precise and personalized electrical muscle stimulation, the Neuro20 PRO System directly activates muscles, maintaining muscle mass and preventing atrophy while simultaneously reducing pain, swelling, and spasms."

This targeted approach to muscle stimulation not only promotes strength and functionality but also offers relief from one of the more debilitating symptoms often experienced by individuals with MS.

Increasing Range of Motion and Flexibility

The Neuro20 PRO System plays a crucial role in improving range of motion and flexibility, which are often compromised in individuals with MS. Dr. Maltezos shares his experience, noting that the Neuro20 electrodes offer a distinctive advantage. He explains, "Neuro20 electrodes are larger than the typical circular, square, or rectangular sticker electrodes. This allows the Whole-Body Smart Suit to recruit many auxiliary muscles along with the 22 main targeted muscle groups. More muscles recruited means a better, more comfortable workout."

By incorporating larger electrodes and engaging a broader range of muscles, the Neuro20 PRO System optimizes the effectiveness and comfort of the workout, facilitating increased range of motion and enhanced flexibility for individuals with MS. This approach holds immense promise for improving mobility and restoring a greater sense of physical freedom for those facing the challenges of MS.

Reducing Spasticity and Muscle Spasms

Individuals with MS often grapple with the disruptive symptoms of spasticity and muscle spasms, which can greatly affect their comfort and mobility. These involuntary muscle contractions can cause significant discomfort and hinder everyday movements. However, with regular use of the Neuro20 PRO System, individuals with MS can find relief. The precise and targeted electrical impulses delivered by the system aid in relaxing and releasing the muscle tension associated with spasticity, leading to a reduction in spasticity and a decrease in the frequency and intensity of muscle spasms.

Improving Circulation and Lymphatic Flow

The impact of MS on circulation and lymphatic flow can result in edema and inadequate tissue oxygenation. Fortunately, the Neuro20 PRO System provides a solution by improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage through Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS). By utilizing WB-EMS, the Neuro20 PRO System promotes better circulation, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues while aiding in the removal of metabolic waste products. This effective approach contributes to improved overall circulation, ensuring healthier tissue function and assisting in reducing edema.

Technology Designed for Effective Rehabilitation

With its seamless integration of hardware and software, the Neuro20 PRO System sets a new standard in MS treatment, giving individuals greater control over their well-being and providing healthcare professionals with valuable insights to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment. Dr. Maltezos emphasizes the impressive features of this new technology, sharing:

“The Neuro20 PRO System’s integration with an iPad app allows me to track every workout and share the data with my medical team. It’s an excellent way to monitor my progress and ensure that the stimulation is consistently effective.”

The ease of connectivity is another remarkable aspect of the system. Dr. Maltezos adds, “The electronics click in and connect directly through the suit. The electronics then connect via Bluetooth to an iPad, which your therapist can see and use to tailor your program to produce the best results.”

A Whole-Body EMS Suit Designed with Comfort in Mind

Designed with comfort in mind, the Neuro20 PRO Smart Suit is a flexible and machine-washable whole-body electrical muscle stimulation (WB-EMS) wearable. Dr. Maltezos enthusiastically describes the Neuro20 PRO Smart Suit, stating, “It’s everything I have dreamed of – the perfect system for getting my muscles moving.”

He further explains the comfort and convenience it offers, saying, “There was no tingly pain or uncomfortable burning. I did not have to apply any stickers that rip off my hair or hook up any annoying wires. The electrodes are very different from the old hydrogel stickers. Muscles are different shapes, and each Neuro20 electrode has a matching custom shape. They are padded, comfortable, and form-fitting.”

The Neuro20 PRO Smart Suit fabric and electrodes are designed to stretch and mold to the body, providing a personalized and comfortable exercise experience. Dr. Maltezos aptly compares it to “a pair of yoga pants with super-powers” highlighting the combination of functionality and comfort that makes the Neuro20 PRO Smart Suit a remarkable wearable for MS treatment.


The Neuro20 PRO System, through its utilization of whole-body electrical muscle stimulation, presents a new and non-invasive solution to address the everyday symptoms experienced by patients struggling with MS. By precisely targeting and stimulating specific muscle groups, the Neuro20 PRO System empowers individuals to effectively manage their symptoms, resulting in improved mobility, reduced discomfort, and an overall enhanced quality of life.

This innovative approach offers hope and relief to those living with MS, changing the treatment landscape and providing new opportunities for individuals to regain control over their everyday functions. With the Neuro20 PRO System, the future holds promise for a more comfortable and fulfilling life for patients battling the challenges of MS.

M.A. Ed, M.S. Ed, PhD
George Maltezoz

Dr. George Maltezos

Director of Science

Dr. Maltezos is an Electrical Engineer currently acting as the Executive Director of the WALK foundation, a non-profit devoted to promulgating the health benefits of electro-stimulation. Dr. Maltezos is a veteran of several start-ups and has raised over $50 million in equity capital. He is an inventor for over 25 patents and has participated in all aspects of intellectual property management. He has experience in medical device production, from ideation, manufacturing, FDA compliance, to patient adoption.


He served on the Board of Directors of two companies and advised several others. Dr. Maltezos studied at Columbia University and was a Director at the California Institute of Technology. He completed his Ph.D. under professors Axel and Scherer and Nobel Prize winner David Baltimore.

Neuro20 Technologies announces the FDA-clearance of the Neuro20 PRO System for treatment of neuromuscular injury and disease, becoming the first US-based company to produce an FDA-cleared medical electrical muscle stimulation textile that closes the loop between diagnostics and interventions in a wireless operating system.